What is a Home Energy Analysis?

A home energy analysis or “energy audit,” uses the tools of the trade to diagnose places in your home where you can make improvements and save money. The analysis looks at your mechanical systems, windows, doors, insulation levels, and finds places where your home may be leaking air (and money!). In addition, the Home Performance Specialist educates you on other potential savings related to how you use your home. Check out the short video below to see Building Performance Institute Certified Home Performance Specialist Mike Braun explain what you can expect during¬†your energy analysis.

What is included in a home energy analysis?

  • Blower door assessment with infrared imaging to determine where heat may be leaking from your home.
  • Direct installation of energy saving devices like cfl light bulbs, faucet aerators, timers, and smart strips. These begin saving you money right away. The average home receives over $100 of free energy saving products.
  • A review of how you use electricity in your home and a list of immediate actions you can take to reduce your electrical load.

What is the cost?

  • Thanks to home performance assessment rebates available through Minnesota Power and ComfortSystems, most homeowners in Duluth can get an advanced home performance assessment for $75 out-of-pocket. Low-income households may qualify for a free energy assessment. Contact the Duluth Energy Efficiency Program to find out more at 218.336.1038 or complete the contact form.

What happens after the Home Performance Analysis?

  • With the Duluth Energy Efficiency Program, once your Home Performance Analysis is complete, the energy auditor will complete a report with specific recommendations for your home based upon what would give you the highest return on investment. This report is called a Personalized Energy Efficiency Plan or PEEP.
  • An energy specialist will meet with you to go over any questions you have about your PEEP. If you are interested in additional assistance to get improvements done, your energy specialist can help you bid work to qualified contractors or you can attend a Do-it-Yourself workshop.

How do I pay for energy upgrades recommended in my analysis?

  • When you meet with your energy specialist to go over your PEEP, your energy specialist will let you know what rebates, grants, loans, and tax credits you may qualify for. This will be tailored to your income-level, which improvements you want to complete, and your energy provider. You can learn more about financial incentives here.

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